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Caring And Experienced Lexington Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

Nursing home neglect and abuse is a tragic yet common reality that many Lexington residents and their loved ones face. This is inexcusable. Unfortunately, many families won’t know what they don’t know until it is too late. You will need an experienced nursing home attorney to fight for you.

Ross Mann Law PLLC is an elder abuse and personal injury law firm serving the people of Kentucky and Ohio. We will work with field investigators, nursing home experts, and families to determine if your loved one suffered elder abuse or neglect. Then, we will do everything in our power to hold them accountable, recover compensation for your damages and make sure your voice is heard. In our practice, we have handled more than 1,000 claims involving elder abuse, always seeking maximum compensation for our clients’ damages.

Bringing Kentucky Nursing Home Abuse To The Light

We handle claims throughout the state involving all varieties of elder abuse and neglect. These often include:

  • Failure to notify: Nursing homes have a state and federal regulatory duty to notify responsible family members when there is a need to commence a new form of treatment, change a form of treatment, or when there is an acute change of condition. One of the most common issues facing the families of nursing home residents is the facility’s failure to notify the family.
  • Understaffed facilities: An understaffed nursing home is a clear danger to the vulnerable residents who live there. It is the residents who suffer, as there is not enough budgetary allotment for sufficient staff to take care of the residents. Nursing homes have state and federal regulatory duties to sufficiently staff the nursing home to meet the needs of the residents.
  • Lack of oversight: Many Kentucky nursing homes are owned by out-of-state owners who seldom, if ever, visit the facility to see about the condition of the residents or the staff. Out-of-state nursing home operators will frequently use complicated corporate structures to shield themselves from liability, obscure responsibility, and siphon money away from the facility using various LLCs and other corporate entities.

Don’t let the nursing home keep you in the dark concerning your loved one’s condition. The moment you notice the signs and suspect mistreatment, please consult a nursing home abuse attorney who can represent you, investigate the abuse and make your claim.

How Common Is Elder Abuse?

Elder abuse is more prevalent than many people might suspect. In the United States, around 10% of adults ages 60 and older are victims of elder abuse. In Kentucky, around 21,000 reports of elder abuse were made in 2021 (the most recent year with complete data).

Some individuals are more susceptible to elder abuse than others. Factors that increase a person’s risk of experiencing it include cognitive challenges, poor mental and physical health and social isolation. Individuals who suffer from certain mental impairments, like dementia, experience elder abuse at a particularly high rate.

The most common type of elder abuse complaint in Kentucky is caretaker neglect, meaning that an elder’s caregiver is not taking proper care of them. Other forms of elder abuse the state frequently receives call about are patient abuse – the physical harm of elders – and financial exploitation – the misappropriation of elders’ funds by caregivers.

There are many reasons why elder abuse and neglect happen. Elders may be mistreated due to:

  • Ageism
  • Caregiver mental illness
  • Caregiver stress
  • Caregiver substance abuse
  • Conflicts with caregivers (i.e., elder vs. caregiver, family vs. caregiver)
  • Cultural norms
  • Dependence on caregivers
  • Power dynamics

Grappling with elder abuse can be heartbreaking for victims’ loved ones. Remember, though, that you have the power to protect your loved one’s health and dignity by standing up to their mistreatment. A Lexington elder law attorney can help you take action.

What Are The Signs Of Elder Abuse And Neglect?

One of the most effective ways to prevent nursing home abuse and neglect is to know its signs. When you can recognize the telltale warning signs, you can help the victim and stop the perpetrator from harming anyone again.

There are numerous red flags for elder abuse. Some of the most common include:

  • Bruises, cuts, black eyes and scars
  • Bedsores
  • Poor hygiene
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Malnutrition or dehydration
  • Fear around certain staff members
  • Staff refusing to leave the resident alone with you
  • Suspicious financial transactions
  • Unexplained financial issues
  • Mental challenges (i.e. anxiety, confusion, depression, withdrawal)
  • Unexplained injuries (i.e., bruises, cuts, burns)

If your elderly loved one or another nursing home resident tells you that they have experienced mistreatment, take them at their word. It is better to report something that turns out to be innocent than to ignore an incident of abuse.

What If My Loved One Was Abused?

There is a history of nursing homes taking steps to hide or destroy evidence and instructing care staff not to cooperate with investigations. If you believe that mistreatment, abuse, neglect or medical malpractice are taking place in a nursing home, gather as much evidence as you can. This may include medical records, financial statements and photographs of injuries. Then, you need to consult a nursing home neglect lawyer immediately afterward so you can begin your claim.

Devoted To Helping The Victims Of Elder Abuse And Neglect

Reports of elder abuse and neglect in nursing homes are becoming more and more common across the United States. Nursing home abuse and neglect occurs when a long-term care facility or its staff members violate the rights of their residents or fail to provide the expected standard of care, resulting in harm.

Our Lexington nursing home abuse attorneys have seen just about every imaginable form of elder abuse and neglect. Some of the most common include:

You need to seek out a Lexington nursing home neglect attorney as soon as you notice the signs of elder abuse. The sooner you reach out to us, the sooner we can begin investigating your claim, gathering evidence and making sure that the perpetrator does not hurt any more senior citizens.

Attorneys Experienced In Nursing Home Abuse Litigation

We regularly litigate nursing home abuse lawsuits. However, our reputation as a trial law firm can put us in a position to obtain a better settlement. Through strategic mediation and negotiation, we often help our clients reach positive solutions without setting foot in a courtroom. If the insurance company refuses to offer a fair compensation offer, we are prepared for aggressive litigation.

Make Your Voice Heard – Speak With A Lexington Elder Abuse Lawyer Today

At Ross Mann Law PLLC, your voice will be heard. If you believe that your loved one is a victim of nursing home neglect and abuse, call us today and get a free consultation. We serve clients across the Louisville metro area, including Ohio, from our office in Lexington. Please call us toll-free at 888-465-4145 or send us an email.