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Coming To The Aid Of Seniors Who Had A Nursing Home Fall

For an elderly person, a slight fall can mean broken bones, traumatic brain injuries or even death. As nursing home abuse attorneys who have handled more than 1,000 claims involving falls at nursing homes, we understand. At Ross Mann Law PLLC, we work with families throughout Kentucky whose elderly loved ones experienced falls as a result of a nursing home’s negligence.

How Do Nursing Home Falls Occur?

Anyone of any age could slip or trip slightly and fall. In nursing homes, however, many falls occur due to the neglectful conduct of the nursing home owners or staff. Some of the most common causes of nursing home falls include:

  • Lack of staffing: Understaffed nursing home falls occur when there are not enough staff members to assist residents in moving.
  • Improper training: Care attendants who do not have the right training may not know how to keep residents safe from falls.
  • Malnutrition or dehydration: Without enough food or water, a senior may feel weak and dizzy, increasing the chance of a fall.
  • Poor equipment: Nursing homes that use unsafe equipment such as unstable beds, wheelchairs or walkers may have liability.
  • Medication errors: Administering the wrong medication, withholding medicine or using strong drugs to subdue residents can prompt a fall.

For a senior citizen, no injury is minor. The complications may result in a fatality if not treated immediately. Our nursing home abuse lawyers will get to the bottom of what caused your relative’s fall and then seek maximum compensation for your damages.

After A Fall Or Injury, Make A Free Consultation

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