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Putting A Stop To Elder Abuse That Causes Bedsores

Many people, even medical professionals, underestimate the severity of bedsores. A severe bed sore can leave the patient in excruciating pain and put them at risk of life-threatening infections.

At Ross Mann Law PLLC, of Lexington, we have seen the harm that bedsores cause senior citizens. Our nursing home abuse and neglect attorneys help victims and their family members hold nursing homes, support staff and health care practitioners accountable for the damages caused by the failure to report or treat bedsores.

The Danger Of Bedsores

A bedsore is an ulcer that develops after lying down or sitting for an extended period. They are sometimes also called pressure ulcers. They are common in people who are bed-bound such as many nursing home residents. Without treatment, a bed sore can tunnel through the skin and leave tissue or bone exposed. Physical therapy and regular rotation in bed can prevent or reduce bedsores. However, some sores may become infected – especially if the nursing home fails to provide the proper standard of care. In severe instances, the infection may prove fatal.

Small Bedsores May Suggest A Larger Problem

A bedsore does not have to be enormous to cause catastrophic harm. One or more bed sores may indicate that the care staff are not rotating a patient regularly. This may also suggest that other residents are receiving the same neglect. Such deviations from the standard of care may also exist in other areas such as nutrition, hygiene, physical therapy or falls.

Contact An Attorney As Soon As You Suspect Neglect

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